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China Region

The head office of Tiens Group in China is located in Wuqing Development Area, the earliest district developed by Tiens Group.
In August 1995, the registration of Tiens Harbin Branch Office and Tianjin Branch Office formally announced the growth stage of Tiens Group. In 1997, Tiens in China created a miracle that sales turnover of a single product reached RMB300 million in a month, attracting much attention from all directions. In 1998, it established itself as a leading industry player in China. In the later part of 1998, Tiens in China responded to the call from the Chinese government, starting a 4 in 1 brand new business running mode of production-sales, through such elements as factory, branch offices, franchised shops and consumers. Since then, Tiens in China has entered into a period of steady developments.
The China Region has accumulated rich experience and technical know-how; it also has trained a great number of professional talents. Not only does it enhance China Region's capability to shun away from risks, but also it helps to continuously dispatch business elites and provide management skills to overseas regions..
After 15 years' steady development, the China Region has established 6 sub-region offices in 32 provinces and autonomous regions in China, such as North China, Northeast China, Northwest China, Southwest China, South China and East China. It also has opened nearly 100 branches with thousands of franchised shops. Currently, Tiens China Region is keeping several product categories to provide consumers with diversified products including health food, health care appliances, skincare applications and household products etc.
The high-quality management staff and a highly efficient management have together created excellent management teams. The number of management employees of China Region has reached over 1,000. The every senior management member of Tiens China Region has got industry expertise. And harmony, efficiency and forging ahead are the eternal pursuits for the senior management of Tiens China Region.
At present, performance of China Region remains on top amongst the performance appraisals of various regions. The advantage and inertia in such domains as education, teamwork, culture and management are the dynamic sources to maintain vitalities and potentialities for Tiens China Region.
Address: No. 6 Yuan Quan Road, Wuqing Development Area, New-tech Industry Park, Tianjin, China
Post Code: 301700
Tel: 400-6518666 and 022-82137280
Fax: 022-82137280-4

Asia-Pacific Region
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The Asia-Pacific Region of Tiens Group was established in January 2006, is located in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It is divided into four sub-regions: sub-region directly under Asia-Pacific (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippine, Australia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, New Zealand), South-East Asia Sub-region (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal), Vietnam Sub-region (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand), and Circum-Pacific Sub-region (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Macau). There are 26 countries and districts in total.
In line with the Internationalization Development Strategy of Tiens Group, the Asia Pacific Region has begun to develop its market from its Indonesian base. SInce 2000, its business scope has expanded to the entire Asia-Pacific Region. At present, there are about 2 million active distributors in the Asia-Pacific market.
Since the establishment of the Asia-Pacific Region of Tiens Group, the Asia-Pacific Region has continuously broken its own history records. They have done this under the guidance of the TIENS Group and TIENS’ Asia-Pacific Region leaders, and with a pragmatic working attitude and effective cooperation, learning from each other's strong points.
Emphasizing team management is the main core of the Asia-Pacific Region management team, with the market as its focus to actualize overall planning, so that every market can cooperate and develop collectively to accomplish the interaction and sharing of resources.
Unity is power and pragmatism is the breakthrough point for market management and development. In the future, under a united and pragmatic working attitude, the TIENS people of Asia-Pacific Region will communicate and cooperate with one another, together hand in hand creating the future.
Address: Jl.Rajawali Selatan Raya Blok C5 No.2
Rukan Multiguna 5 PQR Kemayoran
Jakarta Pusat 14410
Tel: 62 21 6470 3228/29

Hong Kong
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Tianshi International Development Ltd
Tel: 852-2191-9396
Fax: 852-2191-9901
Add: Room 2402-03, 24/F., New YorkLifeTower,WindsorHouse,311 Gloucester Road,CausewayBay, Hong Kong.
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